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Cooley Law School's program, policies, procedures, and practices in force at the time of the Manual's publication.

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The Law School reserves the right to change, eliminate, or add to the policies, practices, program requirements, schedules, and procedures described in the Student Policy Manual at any time.

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The Law School will make reasonable efforts to notify students in advance of any such changes. Each Associate Dean and Vice President is responsible for specific areas of the academic program or operation of the law school. Associate Dean of Academic Programs Academic Calendar Academic Policy Academic Resource Center Academic Schedule/Long-Range/Final Semester Schedule Adjunct Faculty/Employment/Assessment/Liaison Bar Examination Preparation and Results Clinical Programs/Externship and Internship Program Curriculum Concentrations Course Descriptions Directed Study Approval Integration of Skills and Skills-Based Classes Examination Administration and Proctoring Examination Content Faculty-Related Assessment-Teaching/Service/Scholarship Class and School Cancellations Continuing Education Departments Development/Training/Mentoring Employment Peer Review Recruitment Sabbatical Leave Requests Student Complaints about Faculty Student Evaluations of Faculty Teaching Assignments Travel Joint Degree Programs-Administration Grades and Grade Appeals Introduction to Law Legal Research and Writing Law Journal Law Review Research Assistants Student Competitions/Intra-school/Regional/National Teaching Assistants B.


Students are encouraged to visit the Law School's website ( and portal (portal.cooley.edu) for current information and contact information for offices at the Law School's campuses. Administration: The President and Dean, Vice President, and Associate Deans. Associate Dean of Career and Professional Development Career Development Career Planning Services Career Programming Career Resources Cooley Volunteer Corps Job Fairs and Conferences Judicial Clerkship Planning Law Student State Bar Registration Information Mentoring Programs Pro Bono Service/Public Service Placement Initiatives Employer Recruitment Programs Pipeline Programs Graduate Employment Outcomes Survey Alumni Relations Professional Development Program Professional Development Series Professionalism Programs C.

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