Norstar flash voicemail installation manual

Norstar StarTalk Flash voice mail system

Entering administration Programming for time, date , speed dial and names. Extension: Usually the same as the mailbox number 7. When spelling the name, press # to move to the next character 9. Voice mail comes in different sizes 2 port,4 port, 6 port and up, it depends on the amount of incoming traffic your company has. For instance, a 2 "Port" voice mail system has 2 circuits to handle traffic.

Feature ** 23646 Password = 23646 Follow the overlay from here. The number of ports on a voice mail system is directly related to the number of users that can be in voice mail at the same time.

<em>Norstar</em> StarTalk <em>Flash</em> voice mail system

Nortel Flash Voicemail Manual

If you would like to enter the programming that is listed in the display hit SHOW. An example the "Norstar Startalk Flash" voice mail system is 2 port and 24 mail boxes and is expandable to 4 ports and 48 mailboxes.

Norstar Flash Voicemail Manual PDF.

If you would like to see the next item in programming hit NEXT. The term "port" is used when describing a telephone system it refers to the combined number of lines and extensions.

Norstar flash voicemail installation manual:

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