Baldur's gate ii manual pdf

Unofficial Game Manual for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.

An A-Z guide to romances in Baldur's Gate 2: So A (without To B installed).

Baldur Gate 2 Instruction Manual

First it covers romances in general, then specific NPC profiles, major NPC variables (this is a bit more advanced), all romance dialogue options, illegal issues and more. This is a guide that maps out (in their entirety) the To B portion of the three romances available to male PCs - Aerie, Jaheira and Viconia.

Sorcerer's Place - <em>Baldur's</em> <em>Gate</em> 2 Tips, Tricks &.

Sorcerer's Place - Baldur's Gate 2 Tips, Tricks &.

However, the author did not go into the detail that Extremist did with his extensive FAQ on the So A romances, so if you need basic help with romances in general, you’ll have to refer to his guide instead.

MANUEL Manuels utilisateur de Baldur's Gate II et Throne of.

This FAQ is rather short and covers only one tiny facet of an enormous game.

Baldur's gate ii manual pdf:

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