Camaro automatic to manual


Put an automatic transmission in a car, and you typiy lose a few hundred (or thousand) bucks and that extra connection between man and machine. But you gain a free hand with which to return fist pumps or throw the bull’s horns to fellow F-body enthusiasts or crush Monster cans against your head.

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Also, you get simplified burnouts—billowing, tire-boiling annihilation is a couple of stomps away.

Chevrolet <em>Camaro</em> SS <em>Automatic</em> –

Chevrolet Camaro SS Automatic

No tricky clutch-drop-to-brake dance or modulating pedal pressures, just mash the brake, mat the gas, and take a deep breath of vaporized vulcanized rubber.

Automatic or Manual camaro -

This—the ease with which it goes about its hoolanism—is what we imagine draws people to the automatic Camaro SS.

Camaro automatic to manual:

Rating: 93 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates