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Whether you need strobes for freezing motion, portable power for location work or continuous illumination for filmmaking, these new lhts can help get the job done.

Interfit EXD200 Manual HELP - Lhting Equipment.

K5600 EVOLUTION KIT A portable continuous lhting solution for filmmakers, the Evolution Kit can be bundled with either K5600’s Joker 200 or Alpha 200 lhts—or both.

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Best budget studio lhts 8 tested Interfit EX150 Mark II.

The Alpha 200 is a Fresnel lamp that uses HMI or Ceramic Discharge Lamps to deliver either 3,200K or 5,600K color output, depending on the lamp used.

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A drop-in lens will deliver a 10- to 60-degree focusing range.

Interfit lighting instruction manual:

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