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- ZAC de la Fleuriaye - BP 60433 44477 Carquefou Cedex - France IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNINGS The Magellan Maestro is a vehicle-navigation aid designed to assist you in arriving at your selected destinations. Addresses can be entered by first entering the town, post code, or by selecting a town from a list of towns you have already used as destinations.

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When using the Magellan Maestro, these safety rules must be followed to prevent accidents that can result in injury or death to yourself or others: • Some countries prohibit mounting any item to your windscreen. Tap Br Main Menu - Page 1 Show Map: Displays the map with your current position (if computing a position from the GPS signals) indicated by the blue triangle. Also provides access to your address book (my addresses) or to create a route to a town centre.

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Please check the applicable regulations in your country as regards windscreen mounting. See the cha Main Menu - Page 2 Trip Planner: Opens the Trip Planner menu where you can create, edit, delete, rename or activate a trip.

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