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For those who haven't used a GPS before, this is the type of image you typiy see while driving. If you press the little roadsn in the top left (the one that says 20 meters and has an arrow moving to the rht), you get a close-up box of the upcoming manouver no matter how far away you are (the close-up in the rht image was taken on a different intersection and at nht).

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Open the small box, the GPS is at the bottom under a divider, and the cables and everything else are on the top.

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This is an extensive hands-on review of the Garmin Nüvi 255W GPS. Left is the daytime image, rht is the nht-time image.

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A Nüvi 255W was purchased from a local Future Shop, installed, used, and tested. You can let it choose automatiy as day/nht happens (which is easiest on the eyes), or you can manually choose one if you have a full-time preference.

Garmin nuvi 255 owners manual:

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