Eppendorf mastercycler nexus gradient manual

Catalog 2016/17

A temperature gradient function, in horizontal orientation, for 8 positions within the 64-well block is presented to the user.


In order to amplify a GC-rich fragment (484 bp) from the human β-actin gene (ACTB), two primers were employed: Primer 1: 5’-ATC GCC GCG CTC GTC GTC-3’ and Primer 2: 5’-TGG GTC ATC TTC TCG CGG TTG G-3’ To set up the PCRs, a PCR Nucleotide Mix (Promega) and the Go Taq, 200μM d NTPs, 1 x Go Taq Flexi Buffer, 2ng/μL template DNA, and 0.5U of the Go Taq Hot Start Polymerase.

Catalog 2016/17

Eppendorf Catalogue 2012/2013

Flexible application options are essential for optimal utilization of laboratory instruments in many laboratories.

Appleton Woods

In those laboratories where more than one user is dependent on a single instrument, flexible operation can result in usage frequency.

Eppendorf mastercycler nexus gradient manual:

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