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I'll get the little good out of the way first. The one segment is one of the many burn-through-a-bunch-of-hard-earned-lives, here with you running away from the stampede of...wildebeests?

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The animation uses people from the feature(music is also from it, as are all of the locations), and you can really tell, movements look exactly rht. You head toward the screen, meaning that you can't tell what you are running at...

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To survive and grow into a powerful adult lion, Simba must perfect his savage pounce and master fhting with all four paws.

The Savanna-Games-The Lion King for SNES

Scrap with hyenas, dash through an elephant grave-yard, defeat your evil uncle Scar and recapture the Pridelands.

Lion king game manual:

Rating: 94 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates