Marvelous designer 3 manual download

How To Use Marvelous Desner - Beginner Tutorial - YouTube

Here is a support file for the new product for virtual fashion making from Marvelous Desner.

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I have prepared a file which can directly be imported into Marvelous Desner as mannequin. If you have blender you also can download the SL-MD-avatar.blend and later add your creation here for wehting and preparing the mesh export.

How To Use <i>Marvelous</i> Desner - Beginner Tutorial - YouTube

CLO 3D/Marvelous Desner Manual

This file will also be added to the upcoming new jass-release for your convenience.

Lessons - MarvelousDesner

A recent project of mine has been to find the measurements of the Second Life Avatar (standard default size).

Marvelous designer 3 manual download:

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